Our Mission

Our mission is to help women feel more comfortable and confident in their uniqueness; both as a Fangirl and in the regular aspects of their lives.

Our plan is to spread awareness of the presence of women in the nerd-world, and help to promote the confidence of women everywhere.  We would like to create a safe community for women to interact globally, regardless of their nerd- or non-nerd backgrounds.  Creating a space where women can embrace who they are through discussions and reading about things that everyone can enjoy.  Passion is a big part of how we live, and how the site is run, and we would like to share that with you.


Our site has a Facebook & Twitter. Say hi sometime!


And for those of you new to the site, HERE is what a Fangirl is to us!

3 Responses to Our Mission

  1. TheGirl says:

    College of Saint Rose! Are you an education major?

  2. lasttimel0rd says:

    Nooo, I’m a psych major! Do you also go here?

  3. Daniel says:

    Well k really appreciate what you’re doing here… Its quite beautiful. Is a male member of the nerd community I would like to state my appreciation for this websites purpose.

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