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Loot Crate: July 2015

Hey everyone! I recently had a birthday in which my mom ordered me a 3 month subscription to Loot Crate!!

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Ohhhhh boy. This movie hit me so hard, possibly because of my own personal feelings and past but, it made the movie that much better for the connection I felt to it. It’s the first role I have seen Daniel … Continue reading

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Growing a Beard: Scratchy, Patchy, Worth it.

 Hello everyone! Today I’d like to just talk about the potential annoyances and trials you might face when growing a magnificent beard. Yes, the site is Fangirls Are We but, I am a guy and I know we get viewers … Continue reading

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ConnectiCon 2015 Pictures, Swag, and General Fun Times

So we all made it back safe and sound from what I look forward to every year; ConnectiCon!

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I Finally Watched: Young Justice

Or should I say started? In any case I am enjoying it so far.

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Sword Art Online

So, I finally sat down to watch the notorious “fan service” that is Sword Art Online and you know what? I love it.

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Styling a Cosplay Wig Tips

As ConnectiCon and what I refer to as “con season” comes upon us, a lot of us might be struggling to style a wig into what we had envisioned or, to even find a good place to buy a wig. Never fear, … Continue reading

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