Princess Talk #1: Snow White

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Why Snow White of course! Lets say hello to the first princess.


For those of you who are late to the Disney party, Snow White was Walt Disney’s first full length animated feature. It’s a beautiful work of art that Walt put a lot into.

Snow White is the story of a young girl (father recently remarried and deceased) whose insanely jealous stepmother wants to kill her. The stepmother wants to be the fairest in the land. That’s a bit of a problem, as Snow White is the most gorgeous lady. Ever. So she runs off into the woods, hiding for her life. She crimes across a cottage, cleans it, and falls asleep. The owners come home, and what do you know, it’s a band of dwarves!

Snow White and all of her new found friends
Snow White and all of her new found friends

The gang takes her in and they teach each other things. One day, and old hag (secretly the stepmother) brings Snow White an apple, which puts her into a coma. The dwarves put her into a glass case and hope that someone can help. Thank goodness for the prince who happens upon their situation and gives Snow White “true loves kiss” which reanimates her seemingly dead body. The dwarves kill the hag/stepmother and they all live happily ever after.

This is the classic Disney movie, but recently, more adaptations have come up. Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman both came out very recently, and they both took new looks at the story of Snow White. There is also the book Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire that came out ages ago (and is unrelated to the movie) but is a more Grimm style version of the story. Maguire writes dark versions if classic tales, and is best known for the Wicked chronicles.

Disney also released new Snow White media recently as well. Once Upon a Time is a show revolving around Snow Whites daughter in a town called Storybrook. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, you should check it out. Now even though the show is owned by Disney, it doesn’t really follow the original Snow White story. She’s kind of a badass in it. It’s very different from the Snow that I know.

Disney also released a book in 2009 called Fairest of All. It’s from the Evil Stepmother’s point of view. Reading it gave me an entirely new look on the story. It shows the things that she went through, taking her from the lovely Queen into the evil hag with a mirror obsession. I really enjoyed it.

I’m a big Snow White fan. She’s my favorite princess, even though she’s so very different from me. Maybe that’s what I like about her so much. I really don’t know where this influx of new Snow White stuff came from, but I’m not complaining.

Gregory Maguire’s Mirror Mirror
Snow White and the Huntsman
Mirror Mirror (the movie)

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