Walking Dead Wednesdays #3

One of my favorite Walking Dead characters is Daryl. Daryl and his brother Merle were not characters in the Graphic Novels but he has become a fan favorite.

He is the “Han Solo” of the apocalypse. He’s definitely a guy you want on your side. When he mad his first appearance, he came across as this temperamental, self-centered jerk that only priority was him and his brother. Now Merle is not a likable guy and never has been. Merle is the kind of guy that you weren’t bothered by the fact that he was gone for a while, you actually might have hoped he’d stay gone. Daryl on the other hand, has grown into being a key member of the group. Daryl has had the back of every person in the group and has put his life on the line several times.

One of the most heart wrenching moments for me was after Sophia came out of the barn. Daryl had never stopped searching for her and had almost died in the process. He was angry that all of it was for nothing, that the little girl had been long gone. Then when  Rick and Lori’s baby is born, whom he dubbed “Little Ass Kicker”, he went into action. Lori died during childbirth, Rick went crazy, and Daryl said he wasn’t losing her too. Not her. He immediately took off with Maggie to find baby supplies, knowing that without formula she wouldn’t survive.

Daryl has shown that he has a heart, that he is very different from his big brother. Of course he still loves his brother, and he was happy when they were reunited, but he also realized that his place was with the group. He left with his brother when Glenn and Rick said Merle couldn’t come back with them to the prison. Daryl refused to be parted from his brother agin. Then, while they were out on their own, he had a change of heart. They were his family and he needs them as much as they need him. Daryl returned just in time to save Rick’s life when the Governor attacked.

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