Cosplay Part 2

So Fangirls, as cool as cosplay is, there are some things you should know before going into a big con.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Expect to be photographed. People are at cons to see not just panels and their favorite artists, but to see the cosplays people have created.

At the same time, don’t expect everyone to know your character. One of my peers cosplayed as some character that I didn’t know, and his outfit was a bathrobe with gloves. I was Poison Ivy once and Big Whigs from Cartoon Network had no clue who Poison Ivy was. They still wanted my picture though.

If you go all out, don’t be disappointed if your picture isn’t taken. Don’t rely on others to take pictures of you, take your own too. Sometimes you’ll go and your cosplay won’t be received as well as you hope. It happens, you’ll be okay. You can still post your own pictures online.

Don’t carry big objects. I was Harley Quinn for NYCC this past year, and I made a massive hammer to carry. It was horrible. Sure, I have a picture of Sean Astin hitting himself in the head with it, but it was really heavy. Lugging it around all day was a big mistake (plus transporting it to and from the con was a bitch).

I'm not entirely sure if it was worth lugging that hammer around.
I’m not entirely sure if it was worth lugging that hammer around.

Bring your camera. There are always things that you will want to take pictures of, no matter the con. I went to Khaotic Kon while I was in Florida, and it was a baby con. Last year was its first year and there were some really cool things happening (there was a “Don’t Blink” maze with the weeping angels. I was too scared to go in but my roommate said it was perfect).

And finally, work on your cosplay. If you want it to be good, you have to work at it. It will show if you’ve just thrown it together at the last minute. But if you’re unconcerned, throw it together whenever. Your cosplay is only as good as you make it.

And Fangirls, when it comes to cosplaying, you may get some hate. It’s possible that your cosplay, no matter how hard you worked on it, will be scoffed at. There’s a term that I don’t like, “Fake Nerds”. This is something that is tossed around a lot at conventions, especially towards lady nerds. Be aware that you may be a victim of it. But Fangirls, do me a favor and ignore it.

At the same time, you may get creeped on. You may encounter pervy guys who don’t care about your validity as a fangirl, they only care about your tits. It’s hard to not come across, especially if you are a rather “well endowed” lady. I hate to say it, but smile and pose for pictures, it’ll be over soon.

IMG_1483We met this Bellatrix cosplayer on Day 2 at NYCC, and she was talking to her friend about how someone groped her.  As she was saying, “Just because I have them and I’m in public, doesn’t mean you can touch them.”  So to everyone that goes to cons, don’t be jerks.  Respect everyone.  We had to take a picture with her because she was absolutely perfect, and she was in the Leaky Con “Call Me Maybe video (here). Also, the lady nerd in the green shirt can be found here.

These are just things I’ve noticed, you may not come across the problems I have, or you may get different ones.

And thus conclude Part 2 of our cosplay discussion.


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