Princess Talk #3: Cinderella


Cinderella is about a girl whose step family hates her, but she wants to go to the ball, so a fairy godmother helps her out, on the condition that she’d be home by midnight. She barely makes it. She does, however make an impression on Prince Charming. She leaves her glass slipper there, he finds her, and they live happily ever after.

Honestly, I don’t like Cinderella. Not the movie, but the character. She just makes me angry. I think it’s because I prefer her “evil” step family.


I find Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella to be far more interesting than Cinderella. They’re hilariously mean, and their faces are just so funny.

When I went to the parks, I would be far more interested in seeing the three bad ladies than Cindy. In the parades, their dance moves are perfect, while Cindy is just smiling and waving.

How can you not love those faces?
How can you not love those faces?

I think a big part of my issue with Cinderella is that people think of her as the original princess, while Snow White gets left in the dark. When in Magic Kingdom, Cinderella hangs out in the princess room with 2 other princesses while Snow White stands by a tree. A TREE! How is that acceptable?

Well, Cinderella is more popular. But I think she’s prissy, and Snow White is better.

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2 thoughts on “Princess Talk #3: Cinderella

  1. Why in the world do you hate Cinderella when she did nothing wrong to her strepfamily?! And how can you liker her stepfamily after what they did to her?! Are you crazy?!

    I like Cinderella for the same reasons that I like Belle and Mulan. They may not be all perfect .But at least, they’re good gals.

    Well, I’m glad that Anastasia became good. But I’ll always hate her mom and real sister for what they did, especially because of what my dad (who’s the same gender as me) to me when he treated me like Cinderella.

    If you’re the main character of that movie and your stepfamily mistreats you like hell, would you still like them?

    • No, I wouldn’t like them. But that doesn’t mean I have to like Cinderella. I think the Tremaines are far more interesting than Cindy herself, and I just don’t like her.

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