Walking Dead Wednesdays #4

There are only three episodes left of Season 3 and I for one want to see the Governor taken down by the end of the last one. He is an evil, conniving man and while having a nemesis is good, his time is up.

Every Sunday I sit and watch the show with my friends then we watch the Talking Dead, the curse of the couch is apparently that if a character is a guest then they die in the episode that aires before hand. So far, two characters in the past three weeks have survived, Maggie and Beth.

Now if the Governor is supposed to be the guest on an upcoming episode of the Talking Dead, I’d be lying if I said I hope they don’t kill him off in that weeks Walking Dead. I am so ready for him to get what’s coming to him. The people living in this post apocalyptic world have enough problems trying to survive the walkers without some crazy power driven psychopath trying to kill anyone else. The Governor feels that Rick’s group can’t have the prison because they would be too close for comfort.

Rick’s group wouldn’t have even known about Woodbury, nor would they have attacked it, had Glenn and Maggie not been kidnapped and mistreated. The Governor is a force to be reckoned with, but I feel the group can take him, but I feel they will need Andrea’s help and I would love for her to realize he needs to be taken down.

I can’t wait to see what happens in these next few episodes, it’s going to be an interesting season finale, I’m sure.

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