Fortress Friday #6

I know I did one shelf last week, but this week is a special occasion, so we’re doing two.


These are our two parts of my Fortress that we’ll be discussing this week!

IMG_2104The top shelf is pretty devoted to my love of Legos and Harry Potter.  It has another of the “I love you like…” Harry Potter cards – those are littered throughout the Fortress.

IMG_2118Of course we’ve got Harry hanging out with Oliver Wood after Gryffindor has won.  And we’ve got the ever watchful Madame Hooch making sure no one cheats.  I really like Legos.  I think it’d be great if they weren’t so expensive, but I still buy them.

IMG_2114I think I’ve mentioned my love of Fett, its pretty unhealthy, but I don’t care.  I’m a Fett-Girl.  So I have this lovely Boba Fett Lego that came with the watch that’s in his colors.  Ladies, the Lego watches have enough pieces so that they can fit on adult hands.  I am so happy about that, even though I don’t wear watches.  I’ve also got that sweet mythosaur skull pin on there.  I like buttons, but I never know where to put them.

That’s it for the first shelf, lets move South.

IMG_2106So I love books.  I think that’s a Fangirl staple, enjoying books of some sort.  I’ve grown to appreciate all books; comic books, graphic novels, novels, series, children’s books, and short stories.  One of my favorite authors Is H.P. Lovecraft.

Ladies, if you haven't read anything by Lovecraft, get on it!
Ladies, if you haven’t read anything by Lovecraft, get on it

He’s the creator of Cthuhlu.  Coolest sci-fi ever.  Seriously Fangirls, get reading.  Its just so good.  Next to that, I’ve got a wicked cool piece by some artists I met at NYCC this past year.  I’ll be talking about them and their work later.  Its excellent.


I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I really like cameras.  I collect them, but I also use a lot of them.  This is called a Toy Holga, and was only like, $10!  Its a working camera, I just haven’t gotten the film for it yet.  One of my friends works pretty deeply with Holgas, they’re the cutest cameras!

IMG_2120And of course I have a Polaroid! I really like the instant gratification of Polaroid cameras, and I’m considering getting one of the new itty bitty ones so I can have film that isn’t impossible to find.  I’m sick of this guy gathering dust on my shelf, I want to find film for it – does anyone have any idea where I could find film for a Polaroid Landgrab?

Now to the really exciting stuff – DISNEY!

There's my favorite pup!
There’s my favorite pup!

I’ve mentioned my love of Disney a couple times, and its not stopping there.  I know we have Princess Talk on Tuesdays, But I’m going to go further into Disney starting tomorrow!  It has a lot to do with not just this pup, but where he’s from.  This figurine was my first thing from Disney World when I went on my internship, and that’s how he became my personal cheerleader while I was down there.

IMG_2123This was one of the last things I got while at Disney, my graduation ears.  These ears are unique to the Disney College Program participants.  The grad ears that are sold have a graduation cap on them as well, but we get the tassel only.  This was the best souvenir I could have gotten, because it meant that I finished my program.  I got to wear it into the parks before I left.  It was fantastic.

This is what I want to talk about.  The Disney College Program.  I got accepted into another program, so I’m going back!  I’m really excited and I want to share it with you guys, so Saturdays will no longer be home to just Music Reviews, but I’ll be discussing the DCP; tomorrow I’ll be starting with how to apply, and every week I’ll walk you through another part of the application process.  Once we finish that, I’ll be talking about what I’m doing to get there – I’m in New York, Disney World is in Florida.  After that I’ll talk about my experiences, exciting character interactions, great guests, what its like in the living situation down in Florida.

Alright Fangirls, thanks for sticking through with me!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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