Artist Spotlight #2: James Silvani

James Silvani is this fantastic artist that I met at New York Comic Con last year. His art features well known characters in really cool mashups.

James Silvani's sketchbook
James Silvani’s sketchbook

As you can probably tell from the cover of this book, his art encompasses quite the range. My favorite stuff of his is usually the Disney mashups.

Jasemine / Wonder Woman
Jasmine / Wonder Woman

I just think its so clever! I really appreciate having Genie as the lasso of truth, and how the boots have the turned up toes, like Jasmine’s do.

Now, I don’t know this gent personally, but from what contact we’ve had, I find him to be very helpful and supportive. I really respect artists who go to conventions to get their work out there. That’s a tough thing to do; I can only imagine the hand cramps from drawing all day!

Bell & Beast / Leia & Han
Bell & Beast / Leia & Han

You Got Your Peanut Butter in My Chocolate! is a collection of pieces Silvani has done for people at conventions. They are commissions, or pieces that people asked him to create for them. Its a really great way for artists to get themselves out there, and known to more people.

Woody & Buzz / Han Solo in carbonite & Boba Fett
Woody & Buzz / Han Solo in carbonite & Boba Fett

Now I love me some Disney / Star Wars as much as any girl, but I really love these pieces because of the attention to detail. I adore that the little green aliens are on the side of the carbonite. Plus Silvani does an excellent job of keeping the general look of both original characters in the final product. I just really enjoy the overall appearance of his work.

For more information on James Silvani:


Check him out, and Disnerd on!

All images and characters portrayed are copyright of their respective owners.

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