Walking Dead Wednesdays #5

So Andrea seems to have finally come to her senses, ran away from Wood bury and booked it towards the prison. Her boyfriend, the Governor, was not too happy about that.

First he tries to run her down with a truck, then he tries to kill her in a warehouse. Both times she manages to narrowly escape. In the warehouse she managed to get him surrounded by a bunch of Walkers and we think he might be done for but that would just be too easy and convenient. So she makes it right outside the prison fence and I thought Rick had seen her. Then the Governor grabs her, covers her mouth and pushes her to the ground. Rick aimed his gun in that direction, then we realize he never saw her. Waving did her no good.

So now she’s in his little torture chamber and no one knows she’s there. So I’m pretty sure that unless Milton or Tyrese and his crew figure out something is wrong and Milton shows them the chamber, Andrea might be in some serious trouble. Alas, we’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see what Andrea’s fate will be.

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2 thoughts on “Walking Dead Wednesdays #5

  1. I’m so worried about her now! I was watching this episode with a bunch of people on Sunday, and as Andrea was standing by the prison waving to Rick, I just got this weird feeling. I shouted “No, the Governor is coming!” and then 2 seconds later he was behind her. I just knew she wasn’t going to get away that easily and that the governor wasn’t going to die at the hands of walkers.
    I’m so excited for the new episode this week! I can’t wait to see what happens.

    • I wanted her to call out to Rick so badly. I watch it with my friends every week and as soon as it went to commercial, I was like “Why didn’t she yell, Rick, when she had the chance?” She might not be my favorite character but I am anxious to see what happens, I don’t think it should be her time to go yet. I agree, it would have been way too easy if she had gotten away from him at that point, but I was still hopeful.

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