Smallville Season II

Season II

So where we left off was a horrible cliff hanger. We didn’t know what was going to happen to the Luthors or Lana.

Lex does his best to save his father, and Clark tries the same for Lana, but both look pretty bleak. Mr Kent chases the deranged reporter out into the storm and saves him from a falling house.

In the hospital, Lana is alright and it looks like Lionel Luthor is going to make it. Mr Kent and the reporter are trapped underneath the house that fell on them and they’re arguing about Clark’s future. The reporter keeps pushing buttons and saying that Clark is too big for the Kents.
Lex, out searching with Clark, calls the reporter and Clark and his father see that the reporter and lex are working together to pull the Kents apart.

Lana knows that something was weird about Clark rescuing her, and Mr. Kent has yet to be found. Under the house, Mr. Kent tells the reporter that if he give him the tape, Mr. Kent can get them out. He does it and they start digging where the mortar is weak. Just as Clark and co get there, the foundation collapses in on the two under the houses. The foundation is littered with Kryptonite, and the two of them are knocked unconscious.

Chloe and Clark friend-zone each other, and they both get hurt.

Mr. Kent and the reporter wake up from the foundation spill to realize that the oxygen has been cut off.  Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor is going into surgery.

Clark finds out where his father is, and rushes to save him. When he gets there, the Kryptonite takes effect and the reporter grabs a rock and drags Clark out. With Clark out of commission, the reporter is free to do his story. But Mr. Kent attacks him and while they’re fighting, Lex kills the reporter to save Mr. Kent.

Lionel Luthor, after surgery, will be able to regain the full use of his legs. But he has gone blind with the surgery and tells Lex that it would have been better to let him die.

Clark has realized his ability to fly after the incident with Lana in the twister and Lana knows that he is hiding something from her.

The episode ends rather calmly. My interest from season I to Season II has since lowered.

Fangirls, I’m still going to keep watching Smallville, but the reviews are going to stop. The reviews are kind of ruining the show for me. But we will be introducing more Disney themed info. Comic recommendations and reviews will be coming up more often, and we’ll see how it goes.

If you folks were enjoying the reviews, I suggest watching the show. It’s really quite good, a bit cheesy, but worth it.

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