Villain Chat #1: Ursula

Ursula-the-little-mermaid-18560133-1280-720Ursula is the big baddie in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.  I wanted to start with her, because she’s around just to ruin lives.

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel wants to be with this handsome human prince (which is ridiculous because she’s a fucking mermaid), and is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to have legs so she can be his.  This clever sea-witch offers up her services to help the poor little mermaid out.

Ursula gives Ariel legs in exchange for her voice.  As Ariel signs her voice over, she doesn’t realize the small print.  If Ariel can’t get the prince to kiss her within 3 days, Ursula gets to be the queen, and King Triton (Ariel’s father) will be no more than another poor unfortunate soul to add to her collection.

Ursula’s motive is to not only be queen, but she also ends up wooing Prince Eric, so she would be Queen on land, take Ariel’s love away from her, and be Queen under the sea.  She’s pretty clever, and she’s not bad at her trade.

I mean, look how great she made herself look.
I mean, look how great she made herself look.

So there you have it, Fangirls.  Ursula was around to fuck shit up.  And she almost succeeded.  I really like her as a villain, because she knows what she’s doing, and she seems to be pretty adept at ruining (mer)people’s lives.


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