Fortress Friday #8

So directly under the shelf I talked about last week, is a Disney shelf.

IMG_2124I have my Mickey Stickers, and some trinkets from the parks, but my favorite stuff is the Disney books.

IMG_2125These were the best parts of my time in Disney before.  I’m a huge fan of collecting autographs, and meeting characters.  That was so fun.  But since I loved autographs, just having a couple of the little books wasn’t doing it for me.

IMG_2160These little books are great if you’re going to the parks once and you just want to see a couple characters.  But for me, they just take up space.  So I started using actual storybooks.  That way, I actually had a use for the books and could read them instead of them just sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

IMG_2127So my books are littered with Disney autographs.  I’m definitely not complaining.

IMG_2126I also have this cute little Minnie Mouse box that has more Mickey Stickers and little trinkets inside of it.  The flower in front of it is a flower I got when I did the Pirate’s League.  The Pirates League is one of the few experiences adults can have with face paint and such in Disney World.  Most of the experiences (Bippity Boppity Boutique and Jedi Training Academy) are intended for children 12 and under.  That really bothered me because I wasn’t able to go to Disney World until I was 19, so I missed out on a lot of things that kids get to do.  The Pirate’s League made up for that.

038This is the make-up and face painting they do when you become a Mermaid.  The flower changes color in the sunlight, and its how Mermaids get to have legs and walk on land.  One of the rules, though, is that Mermaids can’t eat people or drown them.  That took away a little bit of the fun.  But it was still enjoyable.


And that concludes week 8 in the Fortress, Fangirls.  Disney on!








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