Marvel Monday 7

This past week I read my first Marvel comic book, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Ohmygoodness.

photo (4)
So, I expected it to be longer. That was the first thing I noticed it when I picked it up from my local comic shop. It was light, and it skipped over a lot that I’m guessing bigger Marvel fans just knew or assumed. That didn’t make it bad though.

It opened with a fantastic couple of panels where Deadpool stretched out Mr. Fantastic. That was done so well that I just powered through the trade back, and the gore was lovely. Very graphic and exactly what I was looking for. I know very little about Deadpool other than his reputation as a “merc with a mouth.” Watching the destruction happen was amazing. By the end I was itching for more.

One thing I really enjoyed (that I later heard was an recurring theme) is that Deadpool and Wolverine have it out for each other.  Deadpool has Wolverine’s X-Factor; regeneration.  Basically, if either of them dies, they just come back.  So Deadpool mentions how he already killed Wolverine, but doesn’t mind doing it again.  You also see Deadpool’s head explode a couple of times in the tradeback.

I’m addicted after just one book.  I was hungry for more, but I got a call today from my local shop.  The new shipment of Deadpool that they ordered for me is in, so as soon as I can, I’ll be hustling over to pick those up.

Fangirls, if you like violence, check out Deadpool. I was told that “Destroys the Marvel Universe” is a great place to start, so try it. It’s gorey, but it has some fantastic humor in it that you don’t see in Batman.  Plus, the ending is just a beginning to an entirely new idea (to me anyways).  I won’t give it away, but it’s freaking awesome.


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