Princess Talk #7: Costume Changes


Now for awhile, Disney has been showing different versions of the princesses in art work and toys, but things are getting serious in parks.  In toys and advertisements, the princesses are in far more blinged out dresses.  Hair is slightly different, and Ariel’s face is starting to look a little weird.

But now, in parks, the princesses are getting make overs.  I’m not a big fan, but Disney wants to modernize, and I can’t do anything about it.

Old Dress
Old Dress
new dress
new dress

Now I’m no Cindy fan.  I think she’s irritating and just a jerk.  But I really liked her old dress.  It was made in the image of the dress that was designed by Walt.  So when they change it, it really makes me sad.  They modernized everything about it, from her new side bangs down to her new blue shoes.

auroraThe same goes for Aurora.  She now has flowers on her shoes, and way more detail on her dress.  Plus her hair is entirely different.  It’s upsetting to see Walt’s designs changed so drastically.

Old Dress
Old Dress
New Dress
New Dress

And Belle.  Everyone loves Belle, because she’s the smart princess.  I just don’t see why she has to be all shiny now.

I like how Disney updates the parks.  They’re changing almost constantly (New Fantasyland anyone?).  But the princesses?  Those dresses were iconic.  They reminded me of my childhood.  I remember watching Beauty and the Beast when I was little, and Belle’s ball gown didn’t look like that.  It just didn’t.  I think the thing that bothers me most about these changes, are the hair changes.  Cindy didn’t have side bangs, and her face wasn’t caked in make-up.  That just didn’t happen when her story came out.  The hair styles that were in the movies were done in a way that reminds us of how the hair may have been then.  But now, its nothing like what it should be.

I just find seeing my childhood change to be extremely distressing.  At the same time, I’m glad Mickey Mouse doesn’t look like this still.

Mickey used to be creepy.
Mickey used to be creepy.

I guess we’ll see how I feel when I see everyone in person.

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2 thoughts on “Princess Talk #7: Costume Changes

  1. To be honest, to me, it seems like the new princess dresses at the parks are more faithful in shape/silhouette to what they are supposed to look like, going by the designs shown in the movies. I never liked the old dress of Aurora at the parks because the white part on the shoulders was placed too high – on the new one, it is corrected. Plus, the old Aurora has a weird shaped crown!!! In the other hand, the new crown looks like it came out of the movie!!! And Cinderella’s and Belle’s new skirts are fuller and have the right shape they should have. The old dresses had an A-shape skirt, which is NOT how they should be. Only Aurora’s skirt is A-shaped. Check out the poofy things on Cinderella’s waist – the new ones are actually poofy, like in the movie, while the old dress only has sad, falling things. Cindy’s make up is the same in both pictures, too. The new make up is fine.

  2. The makeup bothers me to, but my main issue is that the princess’s dresses used to look fancier. Now they seem cheap to me. Plus the face characters are looking less and less like the faces of the princesses. I mean I realize that they won’t be exact, but some look nothing like the princess they are portraying.

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