Walking Dead Wednesdays #7

Two weeks ago the Walking Dead aired its Season 3 Finale and not nearly as much happened as I thought might.

First off, let me apologize for last week. School as been hectic as the last month before graduation is here and I have to finish my final film. Last week I was down at Parris Island for my cousins graduation ceremony from the marines which was very interesting to witness. So even though it is late, lets talk about the Season Finale.

The Governor did lead people to the prison to fight, and when the ran away and refused to go back, he shot them all down. One woman escaped the mass murder by hiding under another body and pretending to be dead. A boy ran away and came across Hershel, Beth, Carl, and Little Ass Kicker (Judith) in the woods and Carl shot him even though the kid was handing over his gun. At that moment my friend called him Governor Jr and I said no, he was now Little Governor. Ironically on the Talking Dead, he was called the same thing by the host, Chris Hardwick.

While all of this is going on there is trouble back at Woodbury where the Governor has decided to get his revenge on Andrea and Milton. When Milton refused to kill Andrea, the Governor shoots him and tells him that now he will have no choice because Milton will turn and then he will tear Andrea apart. So while he is away Andrea is trying to get the pliers Milton had dropped behind the chair with her feet. She is struggling and keeps stopping to talk to Milton. Even he was like, lady hurry up or you are going to die. Andrea is able to free herself right as Milton turns but when some of the crew from the prison show up, we find out she was bitten in the struggle, she wasn’t quick enough. Rick gives her a gun and leaves the room, Michone stays with Andrea and we hear the gun go off.

Now we are left with more questions:

Where is the Governor?

How will the people of Woodbury be able to earn their place in the pison with Rick’s group?

Will they be able to stop Carl from continuing down the path of Little Governor?

We’ll have to wait until October to find out.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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