Villain Chat #3 : Gaston


I have to admit, as much of an idiot Gaston is, I love him. He’s the ultimate foil to Belle in Beauty and the Beast, but he still wants her.

Gaston is a primeval creature, and I think Disney does a really good job of creating the “pig” that women so often refer to men as. Gaston is that pig, like Clayton in Tarzan. They’re both these massive jerks who think all the women want them.

Gaston, though he has his eye on Belle, has the attention of the Bimbettes (the trio of sisters who long for his love). Sadly, Le Fou is the only one to notice them as they pine for Gaston.

He seems to be an extremely thick man, especially when he thinks that preparing a wedding before having the girl, but Gaston can be quite the crafty bastard. He figures out a way to get Maurice locked up, and hopefully gain Belle’s hand. That’s very clever, but all for nought. He ends up learning of the Beast’s whereabouts and attacking him, just to be killed.

His motive is love, or more appropriately, lust. He wants Belle just because she’s “as beautiful as [him].” I think he represents what we see as the “jock” persona; he’s great at sport (hunting), he gets the “cheerleaders” (the Bimbettes), and he doesn’t understand why a book wouldn’t have pictures. Disney has created the ultimate jock stereotype, and I think that can be both good and bad.

On the good side, it’s great for many young ladies. Seeing that smart girls like Belle don’t want anything to do with men who are “positively primeval” is pretty good. I don’t understand the appeal of a big hulking man who doesn’t seem to know how to tie his shoes.

It’s also good because even though Gaston is persistent, Belle sticks to her guns. Her repeated “no” to his affections can be empowering for girls. If at a young age, a girl is shown that she can say no to men, repeatedly, she may remember that when she’s older.

At the same time, stereotypes are dangerous things. Labeling Gaston’s type as an idiot, along with his followers (Le Fou literally means the fool), isn’t really the best thing to be putting into children’s heads. Stereotypes can lead to bullying, and that has become a more widely recognized problem in schools. Hell, Gaston does it to Belle. But any type of bullying, even the “weaker” mocking the “stronger” is bad. And that’s what Beauty and the Beast can teach us. It’s good to laugh at idiots who don’t understand unillustrated books.

Gaston is also a dangerous character because of rape culture. Little boys may look up to Gaston, and his “try, try again” policy, but in reality, that is showing that when a women says “no,” that’s unacceptable.

I didn’t really expect Gaston to get as political as he did, but oh well.


4 thoughts on “Villain Chat #3 : Gaston

  1. I can’t believe you! You claimed that bullying is bad but you’re against people badmouthing Gaston other bullies. You claim to love Gaston yet you pointed out how dangerous he is. You claimed that jock stereotypes are good but that other stereotypes are dangerous. You come off as being against bullying but have no problem loving Gaston, criticizing people who make fun of people who are idiots, and swearing. Hypocrite much?

    There’s no doubt that Gastons’ like a jock, which is the stereotype of an athlete. But stereotypes of athletes are NEVER good just as every other stereotype isn’t because they make people small-minded bullies.

    If you ask me, idiots deserve to be insulted for the harm they cause. Take Gaston, for example. He made sexist comments to Belle, barged into her home without her permission, blackmailed Belle into marrying him by threatening to have Maurice thrown in an asylum for being crazy, stormed the Beast’s castle with his mindless followers, went out of his way to kill the Beast, begged for mercy, and refused to show any to his male enemy. All of those things make him deserve to be hated and insulted, especially by me.

    I’ve hated Gaston for a long time due to my being bullied by guys like him a lot in school. Speaking of which, you’re right that bullying’s a widespread problem in schools, which explains the anti-bully hype that erupted during this millennium despite there being more problems in this world like more objectionable content in entertainment during. Why, I don’t think that I’ll ever being bullied there. Therefore, I developed an extreme and permanent hatred of bullies and machismo.

    Back to Gaston: Since he’s a stereotypical athlete, I purposely reject and hate him with every fiber of my being. I also favor Belle, geeks, and nerds over him and his kind because I can relate to them (her, geeks, and nerds) due to similar personality, interests, and being mistreated by others for being different. Heck, I can remember how and why nerds are picked on. And it sickens me deeply.

    What also sickens me is how people like you kiss up to bullies and macho men like Gaston. Why, I’ve seen a lot of kissing up to jocks and other bullies, thus fueling my strong dislike for tose antagonists and their blind fanatics. If he meets you in real life, he’d like disrespect your gender to extreme and do whatever he can to turn you into his slave. And those what other stereotypical athletes do.

    Because of my hatred for Gaston, I’m glad that he died. Heck, I that the Beast killed him on purpose for all the rotten things he did.

    But if you’d rather be the slave of a bullying macho athlete like Gaston, suit yourself. Just don’t blame me or anyone else if you suffer consequences for your decision.

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