Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This past weekend, I borrowed the two parts of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns from Big Evil over at The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks.  After watching both of them that day, I couldn’t stop thanking him.  Just, wow.


I’ve mentioned that I’m on an animated Batman / DC kick, and this was no exception.  The art was beautiful, and the concept ridiculously perfect.  Plus I was really excited for a female Robin.

I don’t want to give the storyline away, but its about an older Bruce Wayne.  He’s 70, and the Batman hasn’t been seen in 10 years, but crime is coming back in Gotham.  There’s a new gang that’s taking over, and just killing for the hell of it, like my favorite psychopath (who also makes a special appearance).


Alfred is still around – how old is he?  Along with Commissioner Gordon, whose retiring. Its a bit weird to see old Batman, flying through the air and having a tough time landing.  It makes me sad.  A lot of parts in these movies upset me.  Gordon mentions Jason Todd at one point, and that bums me out.

But the ending.  Oh my.  I almost cried.  It’s very different, and it really surprised me in both a good and bad way.  If you’re super into the Batman universe, you may want to have a box of tissues nearby when you watch Part 2.  It leaves viewers looking for more though.

I can’t go on, or I’ll spoil it, and I really want you guys to go watch this.  It’s just so good.  I think I’m going to watch it again tonight.  So go, Fangirls.  Go watch Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 and 2.  Please.  Do yourself a favor and do it.  Hell, come to my house tonight and we’ll watch it together.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respected owners.

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