Walking Dead Wednesdays #8

the_walking_dead_compendium_vol-_1_tpThere have apparently been several deviations from the comic books. For some hard core it might be irritating. I have never read the comics, but from some of the things I’ve heard I am glad they have deviated and in some situations hope they do so.

First off, if they had deviated from the original story some, we would not have Daryl, or the late Merle. I could not imagine the show without Daryl. His growth emotionally throughout the show has helped to create some key important moments for the viewers. He has become an important member of the group, and they have become his family.

Another change was what occurred with Sophia. I have had learned, that in the comics she did not die near the Greene Farm. Rather she lived on even after her mother Carol commits suicide. Being orphaned, she was later adopted by Maggie and Glenn.

Now the moment I am dreading that I have heard occurs in the comics has to do with Glenn. He is without a doubt one of my favorite characters. He has changed so much from the young pizza delivery boy to the man we see now. He apparently has a tragic death where his beaten to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. I would love for that to not happen, although I’m sure it is mostly because we as humans form emotional attachments to some fictional characters.

And for the Disney Fangirls... a hidden Mickey
And for the Disney Fangirls… a hidden Mickey

I am normally one of those people that wants the book to be followed as closely as possible. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, I was irritated that Dudley’s line, where he says he doesn’t think Harry is a waste of space, was cut out. It was one line. When you really enjoy a fictional piece of work, the characters become so important to you. Harry Potter one of the biggest things I geek out over and Fred’s death along with a few others still brings tears to my eyes. For the Walking Dead, Glenn’s will be one that always makes me cry, should it happen.

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One thought on “Walking Dead Wednesdays #8

  1. Ever since the series started, i knew it was not going to follow the comics. There were just too many wrong depiction of characters and people dying at the wrong time. The only thing I can hope is the series is Glen not dying. I remember crying when I read the comic.. he’s my fav too.

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