Injustice: Gods Among Us

So, as I’m sure you know, Injustice: Gods Among Us, came out just the other day. I was lucky enough for my school to have a tournament, and since I’m a part of the hosting club, I got to play beforehand.

Now Fangirls, I’m not much of a versus player. I really like story mode in most games, more than just fighting, at least at first. So a couple hours before the tournament started, I plopped down and started to play.

What I really liked about it was that there is no character select (at least the first time through). The game changes your characters based on the way the story is going. It’s a pretty neat idea. I know if I get to pick the character, I only play with one. But Injustice forces you to play with many different characters. And since its a multiple universe game, sometimes you have to play the evil version of the character you’re playing.


A big thing that has bothered me since New York Comic Con, where I first heard of it, was the boobs. Its weird, but very true. I understand the obsession with boobs, and I enjoy them, but they’re just wrong in Injustice. I know it’s popular in video games and everywhere, to have ginormous tits all over, but Injustice made them saggy. I’ve been saying it since I saw the promo shots released, but other people are realizing it now. The boobs are too low! </end rant>

Other than the saggy boobs, it’s a beautiful game. I can’t talk about the actual story much because I skipped all of the movies – I didn’t know if I would buy it, or get to play it again. So in about 5 I hours, I beat Injustice, and I am so proud of myself for that.

If you get a chance, gamers, play it. It’s a gorgeous game. The backgrounds are interactive (with walls to bust through and cars the throw), there are little hidden things in the background (J’onn and the Atom are in there), and the fighting is fun. I really enjoyed the super moves; extreme combos that would make a huge affect on your opponent’s health bar. The Green Arrow’s is one of my favorites.


I did play a couple rounds multiplayer, and that’s fantastic too.  I loved playing as Harley Quinn, but I’m not a fan of her outfit for it.  Nightwing is amazing as well.  I was very taken aback by Aquaman, though.  I have always written him off, because he hangs out with fish.  Up until recently, I’ve thought he was lame.  But Injustice made him cool.  He’s powerful, and he fucks shit up.  His special move is that he brings up a bunch of water and  has the other player on his trident and then a shark eats them.  Just, wow.  I was impressed that they took a character who is (almost) always laughed at and made him cool.

Overall, its amazing.  I want to go out and buy it so I can actually watch the movies in the story mode.  I’ll probably wait until it isn’t as expensive, but then again, it may be worth it to o out and buy it now.  Honestly, I would love to have the $99 edition with the statue.  Its just so cool!  I’m interested about the game’s DLC later.  There are characters in the background of the game, and I’m wondering if they’ll be ones that we’ll be able to get later on.  The idea of being able to be the Scarecrow is very appealing.  There will be fear gas everywhere.


I think I’m going to go see if I can budget to get the game now.  Game on, ladies and gents!

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