Fangirls United at the Jim and the Povolos Dance Party

So NatalieCaileen and I worked our tushies off this past week to turn the Jim and the Povolos concert into an opportunity to meet some awesome Fangirls on the streets of New York.  We made a bunch of t-shirts, goodie bags for the band, and so many business cards.  I was so worried that we would be laughed at, but the Starkid Fandom welcomed us with open arms.

Natalie went around and grabbed people to come talk to us about if they considered themselves Fangirls, and other funky things.  This is what we got!

photoThis Is Joshy K., he’s from Long Island, and he was our first interviewee.

Are you a Fangirl, well, Fanboy? “I’m a Fangirl. I act like a Fangirl, even though I’m a Fanboy.”
Biggest fandom? “My biggest fandom? STARKID!”
Do you have a favorite Starkid? “I love them all.  I don’t really have a favorite.”

Immediately after our interview, he put our shirt on, and it gave me such giant butterflies.  Plus he has a working Scarf of Sexual Preference.

photo-2Next, we spoke to Kelly, an 18 year old from Queens.

Are you a Fangirl? “Yes. Definitely.”
Biggest fandom? “Probably the Disney one, cause I’m big with everything Disney.”
Have you been to any other Starkid events? “I’ve been to S.P.A.C.E. Tour, and Apocalyptour.  Loved it.  It was amazing.”
Do you have a favorite Starkid? “I love Brian Holden.”
Are you particularly excited to hear any certain songs? “Anything.  I’m just really excited! I don’t have favorite songs – I just love music.”

She was super nice, and stood right near us through the show, and we saw her again afterwards.

photo-3This is Karen, better known as Queenie.  She’s 15 and from Long Island.

Are you a Fangirl? “Yes, for Broadway. Newsies.”
Do you have a favorite song? “Loved and Alive is my favorite, but I like Dream.”
Do you have a favorite Starkid or Jim and the Povolos member? “Favorite Jim and the Povolo member is Meredith.  Favorite Starkid is Joey.”
How do you feel about Rick? “Yeah, he’s fine. He’s shirtless a lot, so I like that.”
Is there anything in particular that you really want to hear?  “I’m excited to hear them all.  I just want to dance!”

She was just so adorable.  Her mum was there with her, and she is super swell too.  Queenie had the super special Very Potter shoes too.  I’m jealous.

photo copy

This is Kristen, from ShutUpKristen.  Queenie recognized her from her videos and they hugged.  This fandom is legitimately the best.  Kristen is 20, and from Long Island.

Do you think you’re a Fangirl? “Yes, yes I do.  Not a scary Fangirl, there is a difference.  There’s a line.  But I am of the Fangirl variety.
Biggest fandom?  “I’m a big Whovian, that started about 2 years ago.  I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan.  I think that’ll always be number 1, but currently, it’s Doctor Who.”
What are you most excited about this morning? “I’m just really excited to hear them live – this is my first time seeing them (Jim and the Povolos) live.  I’ve been to Apocalyptour and 2 Joe Moses One Man Showses’.  I saw Darren Criss in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  I feel like that counts because I met a lot of really cool Starkids there.  It became a Starkid event.
Do you have a favorite Starkid?  “How can you choose?  I’m really drawn to Joey Richter. I think he’s very talented and it’s been interesting watching him grow.”
So have you seen Jessie?  “I haven’t, I need to watch it.”

She was super friendly, and she had some super friends with her!

photo-6This is Devon, and she looked like she was prepared for the rain.

Are you a Fangirl?  “Sometimes.  I’m a fan of things, but I try not to be crazy.”
I think there’s a difference between being a crazy Fangirl, and being a Fangirl.  “I’m a Fangirl, but not a crazy one.  I’m not, ‘HAVE MY BABIES,’ but I’m up to date.”
Fandom? “I have to say Glee because I suck and I got sucked in.  But secondary is Harry Potter or Doctor Who.”
Harry Potter is secondary to Glee?  “Yeah. I started as a Harry Potter blogger, then Glee ate my life.”
Starkid before Glee?  “Yes.  I saw Starkid about a week before Darren was on Glee, and I was like, ‘That person, where do I know him from?’ and it took me like a month to recognize him.”
Because he doesn’t have nice hair in Glee.  “Right.”
Favorite Starkid/ Jim and the Povolo member?  “Uhmmmmm, I’m gonna have to say Clark Baxtresser.”
Favorite song?  “LoveGirl.  It makes me have good inside and outside feelings.  I just like all of it.

She had Eeyore pjs on, which was great, because NatalieCaileen super loves Eeyore.


Something fantastic that I noticed at the Jim and the Povolos concert was the love.  The bands were grateful, and the fans were too.  No one was attacking them, we just wanted to hug each other.  I’m really excited about all of the people we met there, and the memories we made.  I wish everywhere had the same feeling as this concert did.  Tomorrow I’ll be talking more about the different nerd-feels I’ve gotten at different events.  Altogether, the way I felt at JatP this Saturday was he best I’ve felt at a nerd gathering of any sort.  Thank you so much to TalkFine, Charlene Kaye, and Jim and the Povolos for making such beautiful music for me to share with my new found SuperFriends.


Queenie’s Mum (Sher)


All images and characters are copyright of their respective owners.



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