Princess Talk #9: Tinkerbell


Now I don’t see Tink as a heroine or princess, but some people see her as both.

Tink is from Peter Pan, and she’s a miniature antagonist. She doesn’t like Wendy because she thinks Wendy will steal Peter away from Tink and Neverland. Wendy doesn’t do that, but it still worried Tink.

I really liked the old Tink, because he was sassy and moody. But Disney has made more and more movies with Tink being super nice and cute. She now has all of her fairy friends (Faun, Terrence, Iridessa, Vidia, Silvermist, and Rosetta) who all have different personalities. Vidia is more the way Tink used to be. She’s sassy and can be a little mean, but nowhere as crazy as old Tink.

When Wendy went to Neverland, Tink told the lost boys to shoot the Wendy Bird. She was sneaky!

So as nice as it is to have the huge range of personalities in Pixie Hollow, I miss old, sassy Tink.


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