Jim & The Povolos! TalkFine! More Interviews!


As you may know, Fangirl, EmilyAlthea and I went to see Jim & The Povolos last weekend. It was a wonderful day filled with lots of love & camaraderie, but more importantly for this post: fantastic music.


Before Jim & The Povolos came TalkFine. TalkFine consists of Clark Baxstresser and Pierce Bronson; two very handsome, very talented men. I’m as gay as they come, but their combination of unique vocals & dashing good looks is enough to make even me melt a little bit. TalkFine’s music is very electronically based, with Clark & Pierce both playing keyboard (just one keyboard in fact, they share sides, both playing at the same time). Both have very unique voices that they blend very well into perfect harmonies throughout their songs. At the show, they played all of the crowd favorites and even a new song called “Superhero”. They opened with “Waters Getting Too Hot” and did a great job at getting everyone pumped and awake (it was a morning show!). For their last song they played my favorite “It’s About The Bike” and I managed to get a video of it through trying to manage my excitement.

After TalkFine came the moment we had been waiting for: Jim & the Povolos. They were amazing and full of energy. Though the were missing some members, they made do and did not fall short by any means and played almost all of their songs. What I love about Jim & Povolos is their variety. With so many members, their music becomes very eclectic: a different style is brought to the table with every song & every vocalist. The show demonstrated that even more so, because each vocalist brought a different energy. Nick Gage was intense & full of energy, while Meredith Stepien and Clark Baxstresser were more mellow and just looked so happy to be performing for us.


One of my favorite parts of the show was the guest appearance from Charlene Kaye! She came on stage to play Holding You & Don’t Go, and looked like she was having such a great time with them.

We also got a video of the band playing there newest favorite “Loved & Alive”, in which Meredith replaced Dylan Saunders, and totally rocked it (unlike the dance moves that were choreographed for the song, no one rocked those)

Fangirls, I’m sure you already know these fantastic artist, but if you don’t, you should. We had so much fun seeing them live, and they’re just as fun to listen to from the comfort of your headphones.

We had the chance to do some more interviews (via email)with Maria, Litsa & Sia, whom we met while waiting in line. We asked them about their experience at the show, about meeting the band, and about all that good ol’ fangirl stuff!


Favorite song? What was it like to hear it live?
Maria: My favorite songs have to be Committed and Love Girl. It was great hearing them live. Its always fun hearing your favorite song live regardless of what concert you go to. Litsa: Loved and Alive. It was fun cause we all got to dance to it
Sia: Loved and Alive!

How long did you wait to meet the band?
About two hours or so

Who did you meet?
We all met Jim Povolo, Jeff Blim, Mark Swiderski, Nick Gage, Denise Donovan, Meredith, Merch Matt

What was it like meeting them? What did you talk about?
Maria: It was a lot of fun. They are all such chill people. We told them how great the show was and they seemed really grateful for it. I had them sign my Wreck This Journal on a page and had them doodle next to their signatures and it looked like they had fun with that.
Litsa: It was really nice to talk to them and they were really friendly and open to conversation and to taking pictures
Sia: They were all really sweet, nice and friendly! We told them how awesome the show was and they were really nice.

You (Maria) gave something to Jeff Blim, what was that like?
That was a lot of fun. I told him that I was the one who drew it for him when I met him after the show and he said thank you and that my drawing was pretty bad ass. He was really sweet and gave me a hug.

And anything amazing that you fangirled over before/during/after the show?
All three of us agree that selfies with Jeff just before we left was possibly the greatest thing ever.

Who is your favorite Jim and the Povolos member? Starkid member?
Maria: Jeff Blim and Nick Gage. My favorite Starkids are Jeff Blim and Joe Walker
Litsa: My favorite JATP member is Meredith and my favorite starkid member is Joey Richter
Sia: My favorite member of Jim and the Povolos is Jeff Blim and my favorite Starkid is Joe Walker and Brian Holden

Do you consider yourself to be a fangirl? Biggest fandom?
Maria: Yes I am a fangirl but definitely not a creepy one. I like to respect peoples boundaries. My biggest fandoms are Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Starkid.
Litsa: Kind of. And glee
Sia:Yes, I do consider myself to be a HUGE fan girl! My biggest fandom is the Jonas Fandom

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