Nerd Wear #6

On mainstream stores carrying nerdy clothes.


I like it.  I think it’s pretty neat that they can bring Harley Quinn t shirts into a place that is easier to get to, sometimes, than a comic book shop, but I was talking to one of the Evil Geeks, and he brought up a pretty valid point.

“There are people who like Batman, then people who like Batman. I think it’s cool that geeky stuff is in more mainstream stores. It’s great that I can get an Avengers shirt for $11. But if I see someone who has a Batman shirt on, I’m going to want to talk to them about Batman. But if I ask them what they like about Batman, they just mumble uhhhh Heath Ledger was cool. That’s not liking Batman. ”

I have such mixed feelings about this. On one side, I’m with him. No, I don’t know everything about a lot of characters, or even all that much. But I’m proud of the work I’ve done to gain the knowledge that I have. I’m proud that I’ve read comics, watched movies, and watched animated shows. Part of me doesn’t want people who don’t know much about it to have these shirts, these clothes.

But the other part of me says no. That’s bullshit thinking, that other people aren’t nerd enough to wear these clothes. John Green’s definition of nerd is someone who likes things a whole lot. I don’t think people should be called “fake nerds,” which they so often are, just because they don’t know everything about something.

I want to be protective of what I love. Harley Quinn is my girl. I think she’s fantastic, and I want to Fangirl with her over the Joker and killing Batsy. But I love her so much that I want to share her. I wish more people took the sharing approach to nerddom. If someone doesn’t know all that much about a character that you love, give them somewhere to start with them. Recommend a book or a movie that might make them more interested in that character, and push them to delve deeper.

I’ll stop now, before I get too ranty. The main point that I was trying to make is that there are places that aren’t as expensive as other stores I’ve talked about, more mainstream stores, that sometimes carry rockin’ nerd wear. Fangirl on!

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