Fortress Friday #13

So I’ve got more pictures from Jenn’s house.

IMG_2334I think the biggest thing that surprises me is that she is such a huge Fangirl in so many areas.  She has a ton of toys, from all different things.

IMG_2335These ladies are from Monster High, a ghoul school movie and toy set that is really popular since before Christmas this past year.  Jenn has almost all of them, from multiple different series’.


IMG_2337Just the number of fandoms she participates in floors me.  I don’t know anything about MLP, other than its popularity.

IMG_2338I do know a thing or two about these ladies though.  Jenn and I talk about Disney and the Princesses all of the time at work.

IMG_2339Just… all these things!

IMG_2340I really like the way she has these walls set up, with her hanging lightsabres and the side of the Jedi…

IMG_2342versus the Dark side.  It’s pretty intense, especially for a bedroom.  I don’t know if I could sleep with Vader looking over me like that.

IMG_2343But it’s okay, because Finn is there.  He’s hanging from her ceiling.

I don’t think I’ll go any further today,  there is still enough to show you next week.  There are just so many things!  I really can’t handle it.









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