Disney Bucket List

In exactly two weeks, I will be a Disney Cast member once more! Now, I’ve done it before, but I know there are some things that people really love in the parks and resorts that I’m sure I haven’t done yet, and I want to!

If you have anything I can add to my Disney Bucket List, let me know, and I’ll talk about it while I’m down there! Thanks Fangirls.

8 thoughts on “Disney Bucket List

  1. Congratulations btw on returning as a cast member! I tried to be pretty obscure with the list I came up with 😉
    1. Taste EVERY SINGLE flavor of ice cream in the parks (no exceptions)
    2. Down on entire 8 oz. glass of Beverly
    3. Learn the entire lyrics to ‘Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!’ and sing them when you are on the ride/waiting in line
    4. Find every single hidden mickey in the parks
    5. Do the Yeti challenge
    6. Ride tower of terror…without holding onto the bar (I cannot do this.)
    7. Ditto for expedition everest and rockin’rollar coaster
    8. Make it a personal goal to make at least 1 person have the most amazing day of their lives at the parks a day.

  2. Hi Emily!

    You should ask little girls who are dressed up like princesses for their autograph! This will totally make their day, if not their vacation. Try to ask one of each of the different Disney Princesses. Think Disney Princess scavenger hunt!

    You should also look for Duffy the Disney bear and Shellie Mae in all of the gift stores. I didn’t know about either of these bears until I visited Tokyo Disney, where Duffy and Shellie Mae have as much status as Mickie and Minnie! It was… different. I’m curious to know if one could find them in any of the California or Florida Disney parks.


    • Hi Sama! I was actually planning on buying an autograph book solely for miniature princesses. I had a friend who was the best, he would scream and run after them looking for a hug, an it really did make their time! I loved being able to go that extra mile without looking too kooky.

      I have seen Duffy, and a lot of his outfits in Florida. He even visits there! His story is really nice, do you know?

      • I know a little bit about Duffy, but not too much. I know that the newer story is that Minnie made Duffy for Mickey since he was going on a long trip, and I also know that there was another original story, before Duffy was marketed in Japan, but that’s about it. If you could tell me anything i’m missing, I’m always up to learn more about Disney. =)

        And I’m so glad you’re in on the little princess autographs! Ever since I heard about doing that, I’ve always wanted to, I just haven’t been back to a park yet! It is that extra mile, but I’m convinced it’s worth it. I currently volunteer with the Houston Zoo, and whenever I interact with any of the kids, I pretend I’m working for Disney and try to make their visit to the zoo magical. It’s the little things that count. How awesome it must be to join the Disney ranks! I hope you enjoy every second of it, although I *know* you will.

      • The story that is told at Epcot is that Minnie makes Duffy for Mickey when he goes to the countries that are in the world showcase. He is HUGE in Japan, it’s amazing how much Japanese tourists love him! Donald Duck is also pretty big over there. I’ll post some pictures of the outfits I see him in as my program goes on.

        I love children, I work in a toy store when I’m home, and its nice, but its not as fantastic as Disney. Nothing is.

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