Disney College Program Part 17

Something I didn’t deal with on my other program was homesickness. My town is so closed in, and living at home was so frustrating, that getting out was freeing. I was ready to go.


Now, I’m still ready to go, but I have to leave my girlfriend behind. I didn’t have to deal with that before, and I’m very worried about it now. I know that next weekend there will be a lot of tears.

On my last program, my roommate was always super homesick. She called her parents and cried every day. I don’t want to feel that way, and I don’t want to make my new roommates uncomfortable because of that.

When I left Disneybwas when I got homesick. I cried when my friends left, and when I worked with characters for the last time. I remember sobbing on my last night there because they gave me a Magical Moment. Disney is a really great place to work at and be, and I know that it will help with the homesickness. But I’m still worried.

Does anyone know how to combat homesickness? I know that I will be out and about a lot, working, or playing in the parks, but it’s those down times that I’m worried about. When I don’t play or work.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks, Disnerds!

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2 thoughts on “Disney College Program Part 17

  1. Emily,

    1). Make friends, and get out. Learn about other people and explore all of the opportunities around you! This may be people you may catch up with later down the road, or randomly stay with when they live in a city you’re visiting. I met one of my best friends in a study abroad program and stayed with her in Japan on one of my vacations. We’re hoping to meet up in Asia again next year.

    2.) In my experience, being active or exercise helps with any kind of stress, whether it be homesickness, or any type of worrying. I know most people may not want to exercise every time they have down time, but it is an option. Even walking for 20-30 minutes might help. You’ll feel better no matter what!

    3.) Another thing that usually works for me is to start a hobby, develop a skill, or establish a goal. Something that is a fun challenge. If you set a goal, try making it something you accomplish in your time away that needs to be done before you go back home. If you work on your goal every day, not only will you be distracted, but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment as time goes on. You can also have your goal include physical activity, (two birds with one stone). Take my earlier suggestion of walking for an example: If you walk a mile each day (about 20 minutes) you can walk 7 miles each week, and you can make a map of comparative distances. For example I live in Houston, which is approximately 58 miles from Galveston, but if I walk a mile each day, in just over 6 weeks I’ve walked the distance between the two cities. Kind of cool no? But your goal doesn’t have to be anything like this, it can be whatever YOU find fun, AND challenging. Since you’re at Disney, you should most definitely put a Disney spin on it.

    I don’t know if any of this is helpful, but I hope it is. Disney is supposed to be fun! So don’t let homesickness ruin it! 😉

    • Thanks, Sama!

      I will definitely be walking and moving around more while I’m down there. I’ll try to use that.

      Plus housing has pools and tennis courts. That should help.

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