Artist Spotlight #4: Amy Mebberson

Greetings, Fangirls! Its been a while since we’ve done an artist spotlight, so who better to write about for a nice welcome back than the wonderful, Amy Mebberson.


Amy is the very talented artist responsible for things like Pocket Princesses, in which she does beautiful illustrations of our favorite little shrunken down princesses, and adds witty comments, has them interact with each others story lines, and even draws them as members of other great fandoms.

Here are the princesses drawn as time lords!
Here are the princesses drawn as time lords!

Amy also does a lot of great combining & transforming of characters, and turning them into a fangirl’s dream!

Iron Mouse!
Iron Mouse!
Princess Harley!
Princess Harley!

What I like about Amy Mebberson & her work is that you can tell she’s just like the rest of us. She’s a fangirl, totally obsessed with all of this stuff just like we are, and she’s got this exceptional talent that she can express all of that through, giving all of us other fangirls just one more thing to oodle over.

If you haven’t already, Fangirls, check out Ms.Mebberson’s stuff, because it’s so awesome!

Her Pocket Princess Facebook Page:
Her Tumblr:
And on Twitter at @AmyMebberson!





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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