Scott Pilgrim: Book #2


So Fangirls, I just finished up the second Scott Pilgrim book, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and took a another lovely trip through the saga of Scott Pilgrim’s life. In the last book, we meet Scott, Scott meets Ramona Flowers and he accepts the challenge to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends!

This book opens in the flashback to Scott when he was 16 in grade school. He was the new kid and had some tough times settling in, but finds friendship in a girl named Kim, the same Kim who would later be the Kim we meet in the first book as the drummer in Scott’s band, Sex Bomb Om. Scott is oblivious to the fact that Kim likes him and falls for another girl named Lisa, whom he rescues and shares a very passionate, cliche kiss with. Scott & Lisa continue to date and Kim is very bitter about it, and leads me to believe that’s why Kim is so sassy & negative in the present.

Scott is now with Ramona, so he’s faced with with the task of officially breaking up with his little high school girlfriend, Knives Chau, before he can move forward with Ramona. Knives is totally crushed and goes bonkers. She dyes her hair to look more like Ramona’s, and starts to dress like her too. She is determined to get Scott back, and does so by randomly dueling Ramona in a library. But of course, Ramona is like whatever I’m cooler, because let’s be honest, she is. Whenever Knives appears in the book I’m just like, go away. Scott hears of the fight and gets worried that Ramona won’t like him anymore, but she doesn’t seem phased by it.

Scott faces his next battle with the second ex of Ramona, actor Lucas Lee. Scott easily defeats Lucas by telling him to try a skateboard trick. Lucas goes for it, falls and is defeated. So, Scott wins by default and its pretty funny.

Among all the hubbub with Ramona’s exes, Scott gets a call from one of his exes, Envy Adams. Envy totally fucked over Scott & crushed his soul. Envy used to play music with Scott’s band, but now leads a new band that’s gaining a lot of recognition, Clash at the Demon Head. Envy calls to ask if Scott’s band will open for them at a local venue. They accept the offer, despite Scott’s feelings on the situation.

Scott, Ramona and his friends go to see Clash at the Demon Head the night before they play with them, and it’s revealed that the bassist in the band, Envy’s new boyfriend, is Ramona’s third evil ex-boyfriend.

Dun dun dun!


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