Princess Talk #14



Giselle is the princess from Disney’s Enchanted.  I really like Enchanted because not only is it a mixture of animation and live-action, but it’s also a combination of all previous Disney Princesses.  I’m not going to talk about the similarities because its more fun to watch it and find them yourself.

The story goes that Giselle is waiting for her prince, and falls into his lap.  Right before they get married, Giselle falls into a well and lands in reality.  She is found by a man and his daughter.  He doesn’t believe in princesses, but Morgan does.  They take her in and take care of her.  When the long-time girlfriend sees something that isn’t as it seems, things get rough.  Giselle does her best to fix things, and it ends up going far different from the plan.

enchantedI really like Giselle’s attitude.  She’s always happy and singing, or day dreaming, in true princess fashion.  I also really like that she deals with things in reality that she didn’t have to deal with in Andulasia, and she recognizes that.

Enchanted movie image Amy AdamsI also really like her clothes.  She makes her dresses out of the curtains in her friend’s apartment.  She’s definitely stylin’ though.  Her clothes are easily my favorite out of all of the princesses.

I’ll leave it there, Fangirls.  Go watch this.  Listen to the music, and love it.  It’s so fantastic.



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