Disney College Program Part 25

So I started training for my new role. I did my park tour of Epcot, and learned some new and interesting thing. I found out that Spaceship Earth actually changes sizes. It expands to let in more wind and dry out when it rains. It shrinks to become more safe during hurricanes. It was also the world’s first geodesic sphere.

This is not a golf ball, I promise.
This is not a golf ball, I promise.

I was totally wowed by that. Another fun fact that I already knew was that the absolute center of Walt Disney World Property is in Epcot. It has moved, since the property has expanded.

Epcot is really cool. The park tour there is called Discovery Day, and its really special, because they have a treat for CMs coming in. I would tell you, but I swore to Mickey that I wouldn’t reveal the secret. As excited as I was to be back in Epcot, I was really worried about being a part of the food and beverage cast.

I tried to get them to keep me in entertainment, but had no luck. So My goal was to be the best CM I can be, and try to move later. I had my costume, and was training through next Saturday.


I did a lot of e-learning on Thursday. There’s a lot to remember, and cash to handle. I’m glad there is so much training, I was really nervous about being onstage alone in one of the carts. Friday I did not have a good day. I worked for about 3 hours of my 8 hour shift before I threw up. I reached out to the leads and health service managers, but there was nothing they could do to get me out of there.

I hate to say it Fangirls, but I couldn’t do it. Being constantly sick at work is not something I’m comfortable with. I put in my early termination yesterday, and I have a lot to do today. I hate that I didn’t accomplish many of the things that I wanted to, and that this program was more frustrating than anything else.

Tomorrow I will let you know what the termination process is, and that will be the end of it. Thanks so much for all of your support, and I hope you have a magical day.


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