Princess Talk #15



Jane Porter is the leading lady in Disney’s Tarzan.  Though she is not a princess, she’s a powerful female, and she’s extremely intelligent.  Not that Disney doesn’t have many smart ladies, but they never seem to have enough.

Jane goes to Africa with her father to do research on gorillas, and she meets Tarzan.  She falls in love with him and the way he communicates with the animals around him.  She teaches him about humans, and he teaches her about animals.

I think the fact that she leaves civilization for him in the end (sorry, spoilers) is a bit foolish, but love does that to people, especially in Disney movies.


As much as I don’t agree with her leaving civilization just for Tarzan, I think it’s admirable that she understands his commitment to his family and why he cannot return to civilization with her. I don’t think that makes her any weaker as a heroine, I think she’s a bigger person for accepting that. She knows that she doesn’t have anyone to take care of back home and therefore she is free of responsibility to stay with Tarzan. Her father follows suit and the two of them stay with Tarzan and the apes.

I think its a nice ending and that Jane is an amazing heroine. If you haven’t seen it, Fangirls, its incredible and you need to.

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