Fortress Friday #20

So this is the last Fortress Friday at my house in New York!  Next we’ll be showing off my apartment in Florida, and we’ll see where it goes from there!

This week is just about the cups and mugs I have, because having adult cups is too boring and I can’t do it.



So, on the left is my Slytherin mug, given to me by my friend Ashley.  I consider myself a Slytherin because I’m kind of a super jerk.  Also, I’m evil as all hell.  Next is my Dalek mug. Even though I don’t know much about Doctor Who, I have seen a couple episodes with Daleks, and they’re by far, my favorite villains.  Across the bottom it says “You will all be exterminated,” and goes along with the evil from the other mug.  I bought that on Think Geek.  If you haven’t been on there, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? GO NOW.  Next is the Joker, which was given to me by NatalieCaileen.  I love me some Mistah J!  Finally, Is my Marauder’s Map mug.  When something warm is in it, it turns white and says Mischief Managed.

IMG_2457These are mugs as well.  My friend bought me Boba from Toys R Us as a Christmas present last year.  Donald Maul is from Disney’s Star Wars Weekends last year.  I really love these, but they aren’t microwave safe, and that’s a bummer.

And last but not least, my tumblers.  The Hogwarts Crest one has been with me since I was little.  I have just always loved Harry Potter, and no one in my house is allowed to use it.  I get a bit overprotective.  The Donald Maul is another from last year’s Star Wars Weekends.

That’s it, Fangirls!  I’ll see you next week where I am actually living.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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