Let’s Talk About Sex: Issue #2


Fangirls! Here we are again to talk about the second issue of the new series Sex.  We’re following our pal Simon Cooke, and still learning little bits about his life and the characters happening around him.

Since this is a brand spanking new series, things are a little slow moving while everything is introduced. There’s not much of a solid story line happening yet while things get settled. In this issue, they focus a little bit on the relationship between Simon & the woman he calls Shadow Lynx at the end of the first issue. Her name is Annabelle Lagravenese, she runs some sort of sex club, and they seem to have some past together that is still unexplained for the most part. Simon has a flashback to a conversation he had with the old woman Quinn about how a relationship he was having was ridiculous and a “strange courtship”. I’m assuming that this relationship was between Cooke & Annabelle.

There is a short scene with the Old Man, in which he is naked, having sex with a much younger woman, while his bodyguards look on and carry a conversation with him. They talk about being stressed and how the sex isn’t helping him, but that things should be easy now that there’s not as much “resistance”. Upon the woman saying that the sex feels good, the old man places a gun to the back of her head and kills her. So.

The book ends with Simon Cooke returning to his apartment and finding a hooker who was sent to him. He gets very mad and kicks her out, then calls his friend to yell at them for it, but they friend says it wasn’t him. Upon that, Simon gets another phone call from an unknown number, who says that they are very upset that he declined their gift and that it was “truly unwise”.

I’m excited to see how more of this series plays out!

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