Artist Spotlight #6

Kendra Wells

This is Kendra W
This is Kendra W

Kendra is an artist I found on tumblr awhile ago.  This picture was taken by her friend Alana.  Kendra makes some super awesome art.  The first piece I saw of hers was what really drew me in.

kendrawI think this speaks multitudes.  Double standards are ridiculously irritating, and I think that this comic shows how bizarre they really are.  I think it was a great thing to make me look into Kendra more.

Kendra graduated from a school in NYC, and she posts her work on tumblr.  She does commissions and has a very cool Bambi series that she’s been working on.


kendraw4Mostly she works digitally, but this last piece was from a toy-making class that she took, and she incorporated it into her Bambi series.

kendraw5I think its fantastic how much her style varies from simple line drawings to intense fanart with full shading.  She’s very friendly and when we asked her what her advice to aspiring artists was, she said,

“Keep drawing!! Drawing skill is a muscle, you have to work it out every day before you can bench press a car (metaphorically that is). Even if it feels like you aren’t noticeably improving, don’t give up, draw a bunch of crappy stuff if you have to, but KEEP GOING! You will get better, you will learn and grow and become an amazing artist. Just never stop drawing.”

Fangirls, go check her out. Her art is awesome, and she’s nice too! Here are her links.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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