Princess Talk #16


Boo is definitely not a princess, but she’s easily the best part of Monsters Incorporated, so I’d like to talk about her.


Boo is a little girl from the human world who follows a monster into the monster world. She follows Sully (“Kitty,” to her) through her closet door and into Monstropolis.

Sully, knowing the toxicity of children, doesn’t want her touching him, but also doesn’t want her to get caught with him. When she terrifies guests at Harry Hausen’s, Sully and Mike know they have to do something.

Mike plans escape routes, after disinfecting his eye, and Sully shuts them down. When Boo gets sleepy, Sully finds out that Randall Boggs was her monster, and she can’t sleep.

As the movie goes on, Sully starts caring more and more about Boo. Eventually, he accidentally scares her, and he has to repair the damage that he has done.

I think, in the movie, Boo learns that sometimes we have to be scary to win battles and keep our friends safe. By the end, she’s roaring and growling just like the other monsters.

I think Boo is a really great character, even though she doesn’t really speak. She’s cute and funny, and even though she pushed Mike and Sully apart, she also brings them together.

Fangirls, if you haven’t seen this movie, you need to. But go so Monsters University first, because it just came out and it’s super good! But then go relish in the perfection that is Monsters Inc.

All images and characters depicted are copyright if their respective owners.


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