Teen Titans No!


To be blunt, Teen Titans Go! Is just bad. The show we all knew and loved is dead with its most recent incarnation. The characters have been degraded into chibi versions of themselves who just do silly things and hang out in their tower.


The villains are either entirely absent or get no elaboration beyond their name. Furthermore, there are a total of maybe four times that the Titans are actually seen fighting crime, which is the only reason they exist in Jump City; to protect the citizens and fight evil.

Any deep plot? Gone. Robin no longer struggles internally with his love for Starfire or his quest to find out “Who is Slade?” The biggest choice Robin struggles with is whether to build a Senior Center or a swimming pool so he can see Starfire in a bikini.


The new creators have also wiped out any back story to the characters or made them silly enough for the new, younger demographic to enjoy them. Not to mention they have given some Titans abilities that in the previous show, would have wiped out the plot of an entire episode.

I could go on for a while, because as a fan of the classic show I am frankly offended with what the show has become. Let’s just say, if you were thinking that maybe Teen Titans Go! would be a good show, you’re wrong.

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