Princess Talk #17


Now, Meg is easily one of my favorite female leads in all of Disney-dom.  She’s sassy, pretty, and works a deal with the devil.  She also woos the most handsome man in Greece in a snap (we all know that a man is necessary to a woman’s survival).



But I think Megara is really cool.  First off, she’s sassy.  That isn’t something we get as often as I’d like in female characters.  Meg has quite the kick.  I mean, she works for Hades because she struck a deal with him for her ex-boyfriend, and she talks to him like he’s dirt under her shoe.  This lady has gall, okay?



She’s sassy, but she’s also clever.  She knows how to work people, Hercules and Hades included, and can get what she wants.  I think that is inspiring.  Not manipulation, but working towards something.  When she made her deal with Hades, she had a set amount of time to work off, and she was planning on doing it (sure, it was for love, but that’s not why we’re here).

Weak ankles, anyone?
Weak ankles, anyone?

I think Meg is a damn great lady.  She rallied Herc’s friends when he needed them, and worked a crowd when she needed that.  She worked hard for what she believed in, and in the end, was rewarded.  I think she’s fantastic.  And if you haven’t seen Hercules, go now.  I think its on Netflix, and if not, it’s probably in Walmart’s $5 bin.  So go, Fangirls, and watch one of the best Disney films ever!



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