Fortress Friday #22

Okay, so this week I’ve been slacking on here because I’ve been super gung-ho, working on a new room for myself.  My step-sister lives more with her mum, so I was told I could redo her room so its mine.   But it is a lot of work.


IMG_2644So, this is what it looked like once all of her stuff was out.  I really hated the way she painted it.  It was  dark and weird and made it feel small.  The first thing we did was wash the walls with water and ammonia.  That cleans any dust or residue from the walls, making a clean surface to pain on.  Then we taped the bottom edge, and got to painting.

IMG_2645It took 3 coats of white to cover all of the mess that was from before, but we did it.  And with minimum paint on the floor!  Next I had to pick out a color and go buy it.  I chose a really light blue from Olympia.

IMG_2649Luckily, that only took one coat.  I have a problem, where I really like to draw on my walls though, and my mum doesn’t like that at all.  So I thought painting a chalkboard onto my wall would be a good idea.  The chalkboard took 3 coats, but I really like it.

IMG_2648Voila! Chalkboard wall!  I’m really excited to get moved in, but moving is tough.  So check back in next week to see our progress!  Adios, Fangirls!

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