Artist Spotlight #7

Jessica Flores



The way I found today’s artist is so silly.  I ordered a couple trade paperbacks offline, and her card was in one!  I looked her up, and loved what I saw.

So I contacted her, and she agreed to do a little interview!

What made you want to be an artist?
I’ve always loved art! When I was young I was really into Spiderman comics and Marvel trading cards (I still am), so I would  trace my favorite characters. I am a huge gamer and decided to go to school for Game Art & Design. I love playing games so why not make them.


Why charcoal?
During my time at school I took some traditional art classes and one was Observational Drawing where I was introduced to charcoal. I absolutely loved it!! I love the contrast between light and dark and the emotion that shows through the line work.

Are there any other media that you really like?
I like everything!!
Any that you want to try?
I am trying to work more with colors like pastels and I also want to get into digital painting.


What inspires you?
Other artists, music, dreams and life.



You say you’re a Fangirl, what do you consider to be your biggest fandom(s)?
Definitely Doctor Who!!!

Do you have anything to say to aspiring artists?
Believe in yourself and don’t pay attention to those people that look down on art as a true profession. If doing art makes you happy, then do it.
Captain AmericaThere are a couple examples of her awesome works!  Big thanks to Jessica, and you Fangirls can check out her work:
All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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