Teen Titans Go!: Revisited


A fan of Part 1 of my Teen Titans Go! article gave me some killer advice, to remain objective in what’s clearly an opinion piece. It was also stated that I should consider the intended audience even though I had stated “The new creators have also wiped out any back story to the characters or made them silly enough for the new, younger demographic to enjoy them.”  I assumed that was enough to signify that it was a show intended for children, but lucky I have such hardcore fans to point out my mistakes so eloquently.

Now then,  readers of the Part 1 will surmise that my opinion of Teen Titans Go! isn’t high. As a massive fan of the original Teen Titans show, this version for the kiddies just makes me angry with what the writers have chosen to change. It’s the little things, like Cyborg’s jetpack.


Or the bigger things like Trigon, the most evil being in all of the universe, not only being  condensed into one 15 minute episode, but also being turned into a loveable marshmallow of a father that Raven just avoids in the form of teenage angst. He hangs out with the Titans the entire episode, wears a pink sweater, and gives them all fun powers that make them happy.


He does have a reputation (in the Teen Titans Go!) of being evil, cruel, and downright nasty but does not live up to it until its comical to reveal his true nature. The original show saw a much more threatening evil that was not only introduced 4 episodes before we met him, but his defeat also took 3 full episodes and all of the physical, mental, and emotional strength that Raven and the rest of the Titans could muster. They all face their demons in the form of evil doppelgangers created by Trigon; it was powerful for a show on Cartoon Network when you consider the subtext rather than the surface action of the fights on the show.


I have read conflicting articles that state the show is meant to be a continuation of the original series, but it seems the generally accepted answer is that it is a comedic reboot. The show features all of the original voice actors.

I suppose what annoys me is that the new creators took an excellent show with deep plots and engaging storytelling and bastardized it into a children’s comedy. This along with petty criticism about the color of Raven’s hair, Beast Boy’s ability to talk in his animal form(which he did possess in original Titans comics, but not the TV series), and Robin’s general lack of leadership. I don’t believe I would have been so irritated had it not been based off something I loved, and was a completely original show.

I did however appreciate that frequently throughout the show you will catch scenes of Batman and Commissioner Gordon hanging out and having a laugh. Throughout the episodes you can also catch many references to other heroes such as stickers of thier symbols all over the Titans’ elevator, and stuffed animals that are dressed like many heroes/villians from th DC universe. Also, the one time I did laugh very hard, was the first 30 seconds of this video:

For the sake of a joke, I suggested you stay away from the show but, by all means, give it a try! And even though it annoys fans such as myself, its not hard to see where the intended audience would enjoy it. I however found myself bored and annoyed through ever painful second of “research” I did in watching episodes. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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2 thoughts on “Teen Titans Go!: Revisited

  1. Teen titans is the best dc cqrtoon tv show ever. not only does it have 5 main super heroes it also has over 50 villians just in 1 show. T his has been my favorite super heroe show since it came out

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