Princess Talk #18


Now Dory is not an actual princess, but I think she’s pretty darn awesome. She’s a little forgetful, but the sweetest fish in the big blue world.

Dory is a fish in Disney’s Finding Nemo. She meets Marlin and goes with him to find his son Nemo. Nemo touched a “butt” and was taken to a dentist’s office for a gift to his niece.


Marlin and Dory work together to find Nemo, after traversing the sea. Even though Marlin pushes Dory away, and tries to give up a lot, she encourages him to just keep swimming.

Dory’s motto, “just keep swimming” is simple an powerful. I think it’s a fantastic way to encourage yourself to push yourself, especially when times get rough. That’s why I love Dory.


Even though she isn’t a princess, I’m extremely happy to talk about such a positive female character today. Dory is fun and exciting. I’m also really excited about the new movie, Finding Dory, that will be coming out in a couple years.

Remember Fangirls, when things get rough, just keep swimming!


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