ConnectiCon 2013

Holy cow. Okay, so we went to ConnectiCon this past weekend (we being Kyle, Natalie, and I).  When we went down, we had this big plan to go to a whole bunch of panels to cover them, but Natalie and I realized that going to panels is exhausting.  We did go to a couple, and I’ll be talking about those on here later in the week.  But for now, I’d like to just give you an overview of what we did. We got to the convention center late on Thursday night.  We got our passes and went up to the hotel room.  I set an alarm and passed out.  There were 7 people in our room, and just about all of us were pretty tired at that point. I got up around 5:45, which was way too early.  I got ready in my hipster “fresh legs” Ariel DisneyBound and sat around, waiting for awhile.  Around 8 I woke up Natalie, she got ready in her Eric DisneyBound, and we went down to the Press Junket.  At the junket were some pretty neat people.  We were most excited, though, when Jim Cummings showed up.  He is the voice of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Cat (from CatDog), among many others.  We definitely Fangirled over that. Then we went and wandered around the Artist Compound, where we met some of the most fantastic artists.  We ran into some of the gents from Super Art Fight, and got to talking.  There we found out that there was a late night “Unleashed” version of the Art Fight.  It was 18+, and I was extremely interested. For the rest of the day, we walked around, meeting artists, vendors, and cosplayers.  That was a lot of fun.  But the real fun was at the Super Art Fight.  Tomorrow I’ll go into detail on how raunchy and hilarious that was. After the fight, we went back to the hotel and passed out.  It all started again Saturday morning.  We got up at a more reasonable hour, and took our time getting ready.  We went to a webcomic round-table, which was an open forum.  We walked around a lot more, that day, seeing amazing cosplays, and relaxing.  That afternoon, we went to the regular Super Art Fight.  I was floored by the turnout and crowd enthusiasm.  We went back to the hotel and rested for a little bit, then went back out for the Jamie Noguchi System.  Don’t worry, that’ll be discussed too. Sunday we didn’t do much.  There was a clown being cosplayed, so it was really stressful for me to be in the convention center.  We did end up going in, and being very careful where we walked, so I didn’t freak out.  That was our lazy day.  We picked up some more business cards, packed the car, and left. Before I went, I was expecting some dinky thing, with no turn out.  I was taken aback.  The amount of people there surprised me, but it was mostly the human-to-space ratio that surprised me.  There were a ton of people, but there was room to breathe.  There were cosplays with big props, and I didn’t get hit by a single one.  While I was there, I heard a lot of people (artists, vendors, atendees, and press) saying that ConnectiCon was their favorite.  I see why, having gone.  You can move, but it’s not a tiny little con.  It is big.  There were fantastic guests, and the staff was beyond helpful.  I felt like there was something for everyone.  Since it was our first time as press, we were really overwhelmed, but we still did stuff.  This con was perfect.  And now, the cosplay pictures!

IMG_2917 IMG_2920 IMG_2911 IMG_2898 IMG_2895 IMG_2888 IMG_2892 IMG_2886 IMG_2882 IMG_2876 IMG_2874 IMG_2873 IMG_2871 IMG_2866 IMG_2869 IMG_2863 IMG_2859 IMG_2857 IMG_2856 IMG_2853 IMG_2852 IMG_2851 IMG_2849 IMG_2847 IMG_2843 IMG_2841 IMG_2838 IMG_2836 IMG_2803 IMG_2838 IMG_2836 IMG_2803 IMG_2800 IMG_2797 IMG_2782 IMG_2747

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