SuperStuff: Superman Birthright Part 2


Hello, Fangirls! After a long, fun weekend at ConnectiCon, I’m now back to reading what I need to be reading and writing what I need to be writing. So here we are! Part 2 of my overview of Superman: Birthright. Things are picking up and getting wicked intense, and I’m not even finished with it yet!

So, just as we left off with Lex Luthor, we’re picking back up with Lex Luthor. Lex is spinning Superman to look like he’s terrorizing the city, and the media is going right along with him. The Daily Planet itself is publishing pieces on how Superman seems more like he’s harming the city than helping. Lex really makes Superman look bad when he goes to save a bridge and Lex somehow activates some Kryptonite, weakening Superman and causing him to do more damage than good. Clark goes back home for a bit to discuss things with his parents, saying that this was only the second time in his life that he had felt that way. The first involved Lex Luthor, so he thinks this time must have something to do with him too.

Clark tells a few pretty in depth stories about him & Lex. They were friends for a short amount of time when they were teenagers, and things were always weird with them, because Lex was such an odd & damaged person. Clark talks of the weird exchanges they had, and how each time one of these weird exchanges happened between the two of them, Lex would distance himself for longer amounts of time. But, their friendship was ruined and Lex disappeared after Clark was exposed to Kryptonite by Lex. Lex had been working on some sort of invention that was going to change the world, he seemed to be going crazy, like some sort of mad scientist. Clark went to visit Lex, when Lex showed him what he had made & discovered. He lifted a lead panel to reveal a huge chunk of Kryptonite, which threw Clark into weakness & sickness. Lex mistook Clark’s reaction and thought that he was discussed by him, so he threw Clark out. Lex kept working at full speed, trying to finish everything quickly, but there was a power overload that caused an explosion, destroying everything, including his father & his hair, but Lex ran away, and didn’t return to Smallville.

So, flash forward about ten years, and Lex is now using Kryptonite to harm Superman. It’s not said if Lex is onto the fact that Superman is Clark Kent. But, Lex has done a whole lot of research, and has found out that Superman is from Krypton and that the planet was destroyed. He tells Superman this when Superman goes to fuck him up for being such a crappy person. Lex has discoverd that Kryptonite will harm Superman, and if exposed to it for long enough, it could kill him. So of course, an evil plan is in the works.

Lex has convinced the public that aliens from Krypton are going to intrude & attack the planet, Metropolis specifically, and that Superman is a small installment of that attack, a scout sort of guy. Some people think that it’s silly, and of course it couldn’t be true since Kypton was destroyed. But all of a sudden, a large spacecraft-like thing lands in Metropolis, with a big “S” insignia on it. This is like woah until I realize that Lex must be behind this. I can’t wait to read more and see where this goes, because its getting pretty intense.



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