Princess Talk: Atta

Princess Atta is the ant princess from A Bug’s Life.


Princess Atta is an extremely stressed out character.  She is about to take over the throne from her mother, but there is one ant, Flik, who seems to get in the way constantly.  It gets really bad when Flick destroys the mountain of food that the ants have worked hard to appease Hopper with.


Atta has to learn how to take care of the colony and appease the grasshoppers, while juggling the circus troupe that Flick hires to protect the colony and her little sister all at the same time.

Eventually, Atta levels her head.  She calms down and learns to rule (while dealing with other things too).  I think its great that Disney and Pixar show a princess who isn’t just the face next to the man on the throne.  She is the throne, in true ant fashion.

I like calm Atta.  When she’s all frustrated, it isn’t appealing.  But once she gets it together, she’s great.  I’m sure she did a fantastic job ruling, and all that jazz.

If you haven’t seen A Bug’s Life in awhile, it’s worth a rewatch.

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