Princess Talk: Anna

Anna is the main character in Disney’s new movie Frozen.


I have to be honest, and tell you that I’m not excited at all for this movie.  I feel like it has to be really hard to follow the success of Wreck It Ralph and Monsters University.  They’re both fantastic films, but it must be even worse to be following in Brave’s footsteps.  Brave was extremely revolutionary, in terms both of animation and princess movies.  Frozen looks like a gigantic step backward from what was earned in Brave.

Frozen is based off of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale “The Snow Queen.”  It seems like Disney has changed the names in their new interpretation.  It is hard to know anything about it, because instead of releasing trailers, like producers usually do, Disney has released Pixar “short” style clips.

I feel like the movie is being hidden from viewers because Disney isn’t proud of it.  Anna, the main character, looks very similar to Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled.  The animation and jokes look like stuff from Dreamworks.  Nothing seems to be up to the Disney standard that I’ve come to expect.


The choice in music creator is very intriguing to me.  Listed is Robert Lopez, who is one of the gents behind the Book of Mormon and Avenue Q.  I’m extremely surprised, because both of those are geared solely towards adults, and taking someone from that environment to the Disney environment is crazy to me.  Speaking as someone who never looked like the typical DCM, I understand what it’s like to be an “outsider” within the company.  I guess it’s just surprising to me.

I have to see Frozen, to find out if it’s as bad as I think it will be, but I can’t say that I’m excited for it.  It’s weird that the animation standard has fallen so much for this film.  After seeing how stunning Brave was, it’s hard for me to see any new princess movie.


These characters though.  Her side-kicks seem to be this goofy snowman, and an even goofier reindeer.  Plus there’s a bad guy named Marshmallow.  What?  I can’t take that seriously.  A demon bear? Yup, scared.  Marshmallow?  Not so much.


The movie comes out on November 27, in the United States.  Until then, here’s the website and the trailer, you tell me what you’re thinking.



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5 thoughts on “Princess Talk: Anna

  1. I’ve actually been eagerly waiting this film ever since I first heard about it. I actually couldn’t care less about “Wreck-It Ralph” and was hoping for this film to come out first. But Disney isn’t making it easy by providing such poor publicity for this film, so I understand why people may be dreading it.

    • It’s hard for me to be excited when it just doesn’t feel very Disney. I don’t like the short that they’ve released as a trailer, and the fact that it comes out in November and there is no real trailer makes me squeamish. It feels like they peaked on Brave and they’re giving up with Frozen. Sure, Brave was D&P, but I feel like they just aren’t trying.

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