Nerd Wear: Romwe Leggings

Romwe is an online store for “street fashion.”  Their clothing is really cool, but my favorite part is their leggings.

logo romwe


The clothing has a bit of a “soft grunge” feel to it, and can be a little pricey, but I’ve become obsessed with the sale section.  There is always a huge selection, and the prices are more possible on a budget.

romweLike this gorgeous piece.  It’s just under $20, which is expensive for a necklace, but this baby is massive!  It’s beautiful, and different.

romwe2What I really like about Romwe, is that they have some fantastic comic prints on their clothes.  I know that seeing people in comic clothes always makes me wonder if they’re book people or pop culture fanatics, but these designs are fantastic (also, I’m not actually concerned with whether or not you read comics, because I will talk to you about them if you’re wearing something like this).  But this swimsuit is about $30, and has Catwoman on it.  Win-win, right?

romwe3Also, there are these.  I’m in love with these Bat-tights, they used to have more, but I believe I mistook their design with something from HotTopic.  These ones are cheaper though, under $20.  Paired with an oversized grey sweater, you’d be stylin’ beyond belief.

I super love the options that they have at Romwe, and the style is fun.  It’s diverse and worth a look.  If I were you, I’d hide your wallet though!  Work it, Fangirls!




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