Nerd Wear: Black Milk Clothing

So for awhile now, Black Milk has been releasing sweet clothes for nerds. But this week, it was announced that they would be releasing Hogwarts quidditch dresses. What better way to return to Hogwarts than in style?



Harry Potter isn’t the only fandom the Black Milk caters to, though. Remember those amazing C3PO and R2D2 swimsuits that came out a couple years ago? Those were all thanks to Black Milk as well.


The best part is, it doesn’t end there! Black Milk Clothing has items for fans of Lord of The Rings, Mass Effect, Sesame Street, and dark energy. There are still Star Wars things as well. I really like what they do.


The only problem is the price tag. Being a broke Fangirl, I can’t spend much money on my clothes. Typically, I shop clearance, sale, and thrift shops. The price tags on Black Milk Clothing are in the high $90-$100 range. The site is Australian, so there is a bit of a conversion. If you live in the US, then you will be paying less than the ticketed price. Each Australian dollar is worth 89 cents here. So instead of spending $100 on an item, you spend $89. For me, it’s still way to expensive for a dress. But I think it’s worth saving for.


The clothing is unique and fun. If I ever win the lotto, or get a grown up job, I’ll probably get one of their dresses. Until then, I’ll look wistfully at the beautiful creations that they release.  Have a great first day back to Hogwarts, everyone!


You can find more awesome Black Milk stuff:



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2 thoughts on “Nerd Wear: Black Milk Clothing

  1. I’ve been eying up Black Milk for a while, especially the Mass Effect stuff (love the N7 dress and swimsuit) and the galaxy dresses.. but you’re right they are so expensive! Even with the conversion rate to GB pounds (not counting the customs tax that will be kindly slapped on after). Particularly for what they actually are – a polyester-lycra tube!

    Maybe when I win the lottery!

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