Appdicted: Sleep Cycle

Fangirls, sometimes sleep isn’t the easiest thing for me, thus waking up isn’t always the easiest thing for me. So a while ago, in attempts to help me sleep better and wake up with less fuss, I went on a search to see if there was a good app that might be able to aid me. I went through a few “white noise” type of apps thinking they would put me into a better sleep, but I eventually realized that maybe I should focus less on the falling asleep part, and more on the waking up part. That’s where Sleep Cycle enters the story.


Sleep Cycle is an alarm, more or less. But it’s a super fancy, sleep-tracking, perfectly waking alarm clock. Sleep Cycle works with you and your phone to wake you up at just the right time, in a way that makes it much easier to face the morning.

The app works with the accelerometer in the iPhone to track your movements as you’re sleeping. In the app, it tells you where to place your phone on your bed so it can sense your movement through the night, and this then can determine what state of sleep you’re in. So, you give the app the window of time you need to be woken up, and it wakes you in your lightest state of sleep, causing you to wake up easier and less groggy. Holy shit, right? In the app they go into detail of how this all works, it’s so interesting & makes so much sense. They market themselves as being an alarm clock that works off of science instead of chance, which is brilliant.

Since the app is monitoring your movement, it’s measuring the quality of your sleep, too. The app needs 5 nights of sleep to collect it’s data and give you a “score” of your sleep quality. This is a fantastic feature because you can then track how well or how poorly you’re sleeping, and try to work with that. If it tells you that you’re sleep patterns aren’t the best, you can plan accordingly and try to make sure you do what you can to get a better nights sleep, which then can help you be an overall more healthy, happy person.

I highly recommend this app, Fangirls. It’s not only interesting as all get out, it’s also super effective. Go download it, Fangirls! It’s absolutely worth the $1.99!

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2 thoughts on “Appdicted: Sleep Cycle

  1. Do this actually work? How long have you been using it for?
    I spend most of my life feeling horribly tired, and I’m sure it’s because I don’t sleep right! I’ve got a bit obsessed recently with sleep cycles. Anything that might help would be amazing.

    Not sure about having my phone in my bed though.. I’d either squash it or send it flying across the room. (Still stuck living at home, single bed!)

    • It does work! For me, at least. And it’s totally single bed friendly, I’m stuck with one as well. They have you place the phone it in a spot that’s never proven to be an issue for me. But make sure you keep your phone plugged in while you have it going, or you will surely wake up with a dead phone! I hope it works for you!

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