Artemis Fowl; The Graphic Novel

So I go on library binges.  They aren’t as often as they should be, but when I do, I take out a ton of books.  Now that I know the size of my library’s graphic novels, I’m set to live out my broke days by just borrowing their books.

So when I was on a binge the other day, I was really excited to see that one of my favorite childhood books was turned into a graphic novel.  Artemis Fowl was a series by Eoin Colfer featuring a 12 year old boy (Artemis) who was born into a crime family.  The type of crime Artemis is interested in, isn’t the same as the rest of his family, his interest is fairies.

The series followed Artemis on his various crimes and how he got closer to the fairies, and even went underground to see Haven City.  The graphic novel focuses on the first book, and Artemis’s first crime.

photo (17)

In this book, Artemis blackmails a fairy in Singapore into handing over her copy of The Book, which is an explanation of the fairies magics.  After getting The Book, he stakes out and kidnaps a fairy while she is trying to replenish her magic.  He then uses her as bait to get a ransom from the fairies, a whopping one ton of 24 carat gold.  He gets it, but only after severely tricking everyone, even Butler, his bodyguard.

I really like the story, but I didn’t agree with the art style.  I think they chose the style that they did because it fits the fairies very well, but I don’t like it’s application with humans.

photo (18)

But I just am not a big fan of this style, regardless.  The book was great, Eoin Colfer was active in the conversion to graphic novel, which is what made it so good.  I really enjoyed it.  I’ll be looking for moreArtemis Fowl in the graphic novel section.

Keep reading, Fangirls!  And if you have any suggestions, send them to

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